The large parking lot, located behind the church building, is available from College and Hickok Streets, and has designated spaces for visitors and those with special needs. There is also street parking available on Hickok and Main Streets, with designated special needs spaces on Sunday mornings.

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Front Entrance

The main doors to the sanctuary are located at the Main Street entrance.  These beautiful, large wooden doors lead directly into the sanctuary, with no narthex (lobby).  There are doors leading to the balcony on either side of the main doors, accessible from the outside of the building.  Greeters will welcome you at the main doors on Sunday mornings.

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Office Entrance

The office entrance can be found on the West side of the building, to the left of the main sanctuary entrance. There is a ramp on this same side of the building, providing access to and from the parking lot.


Rear Portico Entrance

The rear portico entrance is a lower-level entrance and is accessed from the rear parking lot. It is located directly across from the playground. You can access the nursery, several group rooms, the choir room, the Prayer Chapel, and the multipurpose room from this entrance.  You will also access stairs to the upper level, which bring you near the Fellowship Hall.

Prayer Chapel

The Prayer Chapel is a peaceful, private space for quiet contemplation, prayer, and meditation. It contains comfortable chairs, quiet music, a water feature, kneeling bench, Bibles and other printed resources, and a notebook in which to anonymously share concerns and prayers.  The Prayer Chapel is available any time the church office is open.


CPC Playground

CPC's Playground is an engaging, safe place for families with young children to enjoy at any time. It is the only downtown playground that is fully fenced in, providing an extra layer of safety.  There are benches and picnic tables within and just outside the playground area. This beautiful playground is open to the public all year round.