We offer a variety of Journey Groups for all ages.  All are welcome, regardless of whether or not you worship at CPC.

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The nursery, Room 100, is designed for infants and toddlers and is staffed by parents who also have young children. At this time, the nursery is staffed only during worship services but the space is available from 9:30-10:30 on Sundays if you would like to bring your young child while other family members attend Journey Groups.


Coffee Hour (Grades 5-12)

Coffee Hour with Youth is held in the Youth Center and focuses on connecting our 5th-12th graders with various adults from our congregation.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and devotions are available in this relaxed, conversational setting.


Open Forum

The Open Forum Journey Group meets in the Parlor (Room 202).

This Journey Group is open to anyone who wishes to discuss Christ, faith, and scriptural references, while perusing meaningful books.


Pre-K through 1st grade

Pre-K through 1st Grade is held in Room 102.

This class recently used the Whirl program, which helps children understand the church year and its seasons.


Parents of School-Age Children

This group is designed to give parents an opportunity to explore and discuss the benefits and challenges of raising children in faith.

Devotions will be available, and a variety of topics will be discussed with a focus on putting faith at the center. 


Practical Christian Living

Practical Christian Living is currently facilitated by Bru Brubaker and Gary Overstreet and meets in Fellowship Hall C.



2nd through 4th grade

This Journey Group is held in Room 101.

This group also used the Whirl program but facilitated a deeper understanding of the church year and its seasons.


Ladies' Bible Study

Ladies’ Bible Study, led by Ginny Ketterer and Peggy Walker, meets in room 201.

This Journey Group is using The Present Word curriculum, which studies the theme “God's World and God's People."