lydia gorzycki


Meet Lydia Gorzycki! Lydia is the daughter of Greg and Laura Gorzycki and the sister of James, Ben, and Paulos. She lives in Christiansburg with her family. Lydia’s birthday is November 25, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite subject in school is Art. She is a freshman in a home school co-op, where she enjoys spending time with her friends when they are all together to learn and network. Lydia has been involved in art, drama, and soccer over the years, with her favorite activities being art and soccer. She currently plays on Christiansburg Soccer Club’s Elite travel team with other girls from around Montgomery County, including 2 other young ladies from CPC, Sarah and Savannah. She also plays on the soccer team for Dayspring Christian Academy in the spring. Lydia has enjoyed being involved in CPC’s Youth Group for several years, and has attended youth camps and conferences at Massanetta Springs, Camp Bethel, and went to Montreat for the first time this past summer. Lydia’s favorite thing about Youth Group is “everyone there. We are all pretty close, and we’ve all known each other since we were little.” Follow Lydia’s activities on our Youth Calendar page and be sure to greet her when you see her at church!

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matthew neal


Meet Matthew Neal! Matthew is the son of David and Julie Neal and brother of Christopher Neal. He lives in Christiansburg with his family and dog Jack Henry. Matthew’s birthday is October 2, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite subject in school is History. He is a junior at Auburn High School, where he is an excellent student, plays percussion in the marching and concert bands, sings and dances with the swing choir, and performs with the drama club. Matthew has been playing percussion for several years, including drum set, symphonic percussion instruments, and plays quints (tenors) in the marching band. He also plays guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar, and plays bass and sings in his band “Wicked Phat.” Matthew enjoyed attending the Montreat Youth Conference this past June, is active active in Youth Group, has served as Youth Elder, sings and plays percussion with the Chancel Choir, plays bells with the Chancel Ringers, and has served as a helper in the young children’s Sunday Morning Journey Groups. Be sure to greet Matthew when you see him at church!


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Meet Sarah Weatherspoon! Sarah is the daughter of Carey and John Weatherspoon and sister of Elayna Weatherspoon. She lives in Shawsville with her family and pet guinea pig Fuzzy. Sarah’s birthday is September 20, her favorite color is pink, and her favorite subject in school is PE. She is a sophomore at Eastern Montgomery High School, where she is an excellent student, sings in the choir, and plays volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Sarah has played soccer most of her life and is currently on the Christiansburg Soccer Club’s Elite travel team with fellow CPC youth Lydia and Savannah. Sarah enjoyed attending the Montreat Youth Conference this past June and has become very close with other members of CPC’s Youth Group. Be sure to greet Sarah when you see her at church!

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To find out when Sarah’s soccer games and other events are being held, check out our Youth Calendar page!